In 2006, WHS boasted a 100 % pass rate in grade 12 and a 97% pass rate in the grade 10 national examinations. Namibia’s number 1 student and 4 other WHS students, are in the Cambridge top ten. WHS produced more matric A students that any other Namibian school last year. The Ministry of Education acknowledges WHS as the top mathematics school in the country. 80 % of Namibians who attend South African universities matriculate at WHS and 80% of WHS matriculants enter tertiary institutions. Our priority is education and we can claim with confidence that WHS is the HIGCSE school in Namibia. Our pupil/teacher ration is very favourable – 60 teachers educate 1260 learners. We offer the biggest choice of subjects (28), in a 2-language curriculum, one of which must be on high level, and a choice of 7 languages. WHS takes part in the Mathematices and Afrikaans Olypiads. Two WHS students who participated in the Science Fair over the past 4 years were chosen to represent Namibia at NASA. Outstanding academic results are maintained year after year. Well-qualified, experienced teachers, supported by an academic and a disciplinary co-ordinator and 2 dedicated guidance teachers, create a holistic and positive environment for continued academic success. Extra classes ensure that all keen students reach their full potential.


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