WHS – for a better future

Mission Statement
WHS, as a learning community including parents, teachers, learners and alumni, offers:

· Excellent accessible, equitable and participatory education

· Optimum development of individual talents

· Professional tuition and coaching of the highest standards

· A balance of academic, cultural and sport activities

· An attitude of idealism and preparedness for the future

· A school code based on religious and moral principles

· Involvement and participation of learners, parents, teachers and alumni

· Service towards a better future for all

· Education by example of mentors and role models

· Understanding and respect for different cultural backgrounds

Core Values

In accordance with our motto, “Virtus Floreat”, we strive to integrate character-forming values into our personal and school ethos, in preparation for the challenges of life:


We honour and wish to continue a proud tradition of excellence- of being our best and giving our best – based on virtues of good character such as responsibility, good governance, fairness, self-discipline and reliability.


We accept life as a challenge and adventure, asking from us not only the courage to live our dreams, but also the skills to adapt to new situations and to persevere in exploring the best option and solutions.


We respect the Namibian constitution, the legitimate education authorities and exemplary role-models and mentors, while treasuring a culture of mutual respect, human dignity and enriching multi-cultural diversity.


We are guided by our ongoing and life-long quest for the truth and cherish honesty, openness, humility and integrity in all we say and do.


We work together in loyalty to our deepest moral convictions to foster unity, trust, compassion and inclusiveness.


We strive to develop our individual talents to their fullest, while participating in a spirit of co-operation and service towards the common good.

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LRC Outreach

At Windhoek High the learners are introduced to a culture of caring. We believe that our learners should get involved in community projects. One of these projects is visits by the LRC to the Katutura and JT Potgieter old age homes.

WHS also supports fundraising projects such as the Bank Windhoek Apples for Cancer, CANSA Carnations for Cancer, and Childline Lollipops for Children in Need.

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