In its almost 100-year existence, many traditions have become part of the WHS legacy.What old boy will ever forget the adrenalin rush of gliding over a hurdle to the roar of hundreds of friends, urging him on at the Interhouse Athletics Competition, and the despair when there is only one point between winning and losing. Collecting memories starts when you make a fool of yourself at the Grade 8 concert and it’s your turn to add your brush stroke to paint the donkey; when you join in the mud exchange at the Watermelon Festival; when you ask your first date for the Valentine’s Dance; when you envy the seniors who seem so clever when designing the craziest vehicle for WHS on Wheels, and when you are allowed to dress up for the Senjol and be one of the finalists for the Miss WHS competition in Grade 11. And then, before you know it, you are in Matric. You chat with your friends during break in the playground designated for matrics wearing that special uniform. Too soon you celebrate 40 days, paint the elephant and arrive with your date in a fancy car for a final farewell at Vegkop to toast your school days with your parents before the Matric Dance.

senjol1.jpg senjol2.jpg senjol3.jpgSenjol Decorations

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